USDA loan eligibility is determined by household size and geographic location, as well as the standard mortgage approval guidelines like income verification and credit scores. When evaluating which USDA loan limits apply to your circumstances, it’s important to understand there are two types of USDA home loans available today: USDA Guaranteed Loans and USDA Direct Loans.

1. USDA Guaranteed Loans (the most popular)

USDA Guaranteed Loans are the most popular rural development mortgage program because they are 100% financing mortgages that applicants with a moderate income can use to buy a home in a rural area. Guaranteed Loans don’t have a specific set of maximum loan limits. Instead, local limits are established using a combination of the area USDA maximum income limit and the borrowers debt-to-income ratio.

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USDA Loan LimitsThis approach means that guaranteed USDA loan limits are fluid and based upon more than one factor. Generally speaking, USDA eligibility for a household with 1-4 members requires that the household’s annual income not exceed $91,900 in most parts of the country and for a household with 5-8 members, it not exceed $121,300 in most areas. You can search the approximate maximum USDA Guaranteed Loan limits, along with maximum income limits across the country below.

USDA Guaranteed Loan Program Limits

Maximum Loan Amounts
Alabama USDA Loan Limits
Alaska USDA Loan Limits
Arizona USDA Loan Limits
Arkansas USDA Loan Limits
California USDA Loan Limits
Colorado USDA Loan Limits
Connecticut USDA Loan Limits
Delaware USDA Loan Limits
Florida USDA Loan Limits
Georgia USDA Loan Limits
Hawaii USDA Loan Limits
Illinois USDA Loan Limits
Idaho USDA Loan Limits
Indiana USDA Loan Limits
Iowa USDA Loan Limits
Kansas USDA Loan Limits
Kentucky USDA Loan Limits
Louisiana USDA Loan Limits
Maine USDA Loan Limits
Maryland USDA Loan Limits
Massachusetts USDA Loan Limits
Michigan USDA Loan Limits
Minnesota USDA Loan Limits
Mississippi USDA Loan Limits
Missouri USDA Loan Limits
Montana USDA Loan Limits
Nebraska USDA Loan Limits
Nevada USDA Loan Limits
New Hampshire USDA Loan Limits
New Jersey USDA Loan Limits
New Mexico USDA Loan Limits
New York USDA Loan Limits
North Carolina USDA Loan Limits
North Dakota USDA Loan Limits
Ohio USDA Loan Limits
Oklahoma USDA Loan Limits
Oregon USDA Loan Limits
Pennsylvania USDA Loan Limits
Rhode Island USDA Loan Limits
South Carolina USDA Loan Limits
South Dakota USDA Loan Limits
Tennessee USDA Loan Limits
Texas USDA Loan Limits
Utah USDA Loan Limits
Vermont USDA Loan Limits
Virginia USDA Loan Limits
Washington USDA Loan Limits
West Virginia USDA Loan Limits
Wisconsin USDA Loan Limits
Wyoming USDA Loan Limits
Maximum Applicant Income
Alabama USDA Income Limits
Alaska USDA Income Limits
Arizona USDA Income Limits
Arkansas USDA Income Limits
California USDA Income Limits
Colorado USDA Income Limits
Connecticut USDA Income Limits
Delaware USDA Income Limits
Florida USDA Income Limits
Georgia USDA Income Limits
Hawaii USDA Income Limits
Illinois USDA Income Limits
Idaho USDA Income Limits
Indiana USDA Income Limits
Iowa USDA Income Limits
Kansas USDA Income Limits
Kentucky USDA Income Limits
Louisiana USDA Income Limits
Maine USDA Income Limits
Maryland USDA Income Limits
Massachusetts USDA Income Limits
Michigan USDA Income Limits
Minnesota USDA Income Limits
Mississippi USDA Income Limits
Missouri USDA Income Limits
Montana USDA Income Limits
Nebraska USDA Income Limits
Nevada USDA Income Limits
New Hampshire USDA Income Limits
New Jersey USDA Income Limits
New Mexico USDA Income Limits
New York USDA Income Limits
North Carolina USDA Income Limits
North Dakota USDA Income Limits
Ohio USDA Income Limits
Oklahoma USDA Income Limits
Oregon USDA Income Limits
Pennsylvania USDA Income Limits
Rhode Island USDA Income Limits
South Carolina USDA Income Limits
South Dakota USDA Income Limits
Tennessee USDA Income Limits
Texas USDA Income Limits
Utah USDA Income Limits
Vermont USDA Income Limits
Virginia USDA Income Limits
Washington USDA Income Limits
West Virginia USDA Income Limits
Wisconsin USDA Income Limits
Wyoming USDA Income Limits


2. USDA Direct Loans (for lower income borrowers)

USDA Direct Loans are 100% financing mortgages available for low income applicants to purchase homes in rural areas. To qualify for Direct Loans, applicants must have low or very low income, as defined by the USDA.

Direct Loans are not as popular as USDA Guaranteed Loans, which accommodate a broader range of borrower qualifications.  The USDA sets specific maximum limits for Direct Loans. Links to nationwide low-income Direct Loan limits are also listed below.

USDA Direct Loan Program Limits

Maximum Loan Amounts
Alabama USDA Direct Limits

Alaska USDA Direct Limits
Arizona USDA Direct Limits
Arkansas USDA Direct Limits
California USDA Direct Limits
Colorado USDA Direct Limits
Connecticut USDA Direct Limits
Delaware USDA Direct Limits
Florida USDA Direct Limits
Georgia USDA Direct Limits
Hawaii USDA Direct Limits
Illinois USDA Direct Limits
Idaho USDA Direct Limits
Indiana USDA Direct Limits
Iowa USDA Direct Limits
Kansas USDA Direct Limits
Kentucky USDA Direct Limits
Louisiana USDA Direct Limits
Maine USDA Direct Limits
Maryland USDA Direct Limits
Massachusetts USDA Direct Limits
Michigan USDA Direct Limits
Minnesota USDA Direct Limits
Mississippi USDA Direct Limits
Missouri USDA Direct Limits
Montana USDA Direct Limits
Nebraska USDA Direct Limits
Nevada USDA Direct Limits
New Hampshire USDA Direct Limits
New Jersey USDA Direct Limits
New Mexico USDA Direct Limits
New York USDA Direct Limits
North Carolina USDA Direct Limits
North Dakota USDA Direct Limits
Ohio USDA Direct Limits
Oklahoma USDA Direct Limits
Oregon USDA Direct Limits
Pennsylvania USDA Direct Limits
Rhode Island USDA Direct Limits
South Carolina USDA Direct Limits
South Dakota USDA Direct Limits
Tennessee USDA Direct Limits
Texas USDA Direct Limits
Utah USDA Direct Limits
Vermont USDA Direct Limits
Virginia USDA Direct Limits
Washington USDA Direct Limits
West Virginia USDA Direct Limits
Wisconsin USDA Direct Limits
Wyoming USDA Direct Limits
Maximum Applicant Income
Alabama USDA Direct Income Limits

Alaska USDA Direct Income Limits
Arizona USDA Direct Income Limits
Arkansas USDA Direct Income Limits
California USDA Direct Income Limits
Colorado USDA Direct Income Limits
Connecticut USDA Direct Income Limits
Delaware USDA Direct Income Limits
Florida USDA Direct Income Limits
Georgia USDA Direct Income Limits
Hawaii USDA Direct Income Limits
Illinois USDA Direct Income Limits
Idaho USDA Direct Income Limits
Indiana USDA Direct Income Limits
Iowa USDA Direct Income Limits
Kansas USDA Direct Income Limits
Kentucky USDA Direct Income Limits
Louisiana USDA Direct Income Limits
Maine USDA Direct Income Limits
Maryland USDA Direct Income Limits
Massachusetts Direct Income Limits
Michigan USDA Direct Income Limits
Minnesota USDA Direct Income Limits
Mississippi USDA Direct Income Limits
Missouri USDA Direct Income Limits
Montana USDA Direct Income Limits
Nebraska USDA Direct Income Limits
Nevada USDA Direct Income Limits
New Hampshire Direct Income Limits
New Jersey USDA Direct Income Limits
New Mexico USDA Direct Income Limits
New York USDA Direct Income Limits
North Carolina Direct Income Limits
North Dakota USDA Direct Income Limits
Ohio USDA Direct Income Limits
Oklahoma USDA Direct Income Limits
Oregon USDA Direct Income Limits
Pennsylvania USDA Direct Income Limits
Rhode Island USDA Direct Income Limits
South Carolina Direct Income Limits
South Dakota USDA Direct Income Limits
Tennessee USDA Direct Income Limits
Texas USDA Direct Income Limits
Utah USDA Direct Income Limits
Vermont USDA Direct Income Limits
Virginia USDA Direct Income Limits
Washington USDA Direct Income Limits
West Virginia USDA Direct Income Limits
Wisconsin USDA Direct Income Limits
Wyoming USDA Direct Income Limits


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