How long will you live in this home?
Price of Home:
Down Payment:
Monthly Rent:
Mortgage Rate (%):
Property Tax (%):
Buying Expenses
After years
Renting Expenses
After years
Purchase Expenses Initial Rental Expenses
Down Payment Rent Deposit
Closing Costs Broker's Fee
Yearly Expenses Yearly Expenses
Mortgage Payment* Rent
Principal Renter's Insurance
HOA Fees    
Property Taxes*    
Homeowner's Insurance    
Potential Lost Opportunity Costs Potential Lost Opportunity Costs
Down Payment / Closing Costs Rental Deposit / Initial Fees
Ongoing Expenses Ongoing Expenses
Selling Expenses Leaving Your Rental
Closing Costs Return of Rent Deposit
Outstanding Principal    
Tax on Profit (if any)    
Total Proceeds    

The decision to buy a home is the biggest financial decision most people will ever make and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Our Rent vs. Buy Calculator can help you sort out the complex details, short and long term. Smart and savvy shoppers should use any resource available to make the choice to rent or buy a house easier.

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