The Section 502 Direct Loan Program, also known as USDA Direct Loans, is a program that aids low and very-low-income individuals purchase decent healthy, safe and clean housing in eligible rural areas. That’s accomplished though offering payment assistance which boosts a borrower’s capacity to repay. This payment assistance can be described as a form of subsidy that lowers the mortgage repayment for a brief period, and the amount of assistance is contingent upon the adjusted family income. USDA Section 502 Direct Loans in North Carolina aren’t the same thing as USDA Section 502 Guaranteed Loans in North Carolina. The USDA Guaranteed Loan Program is more popular and accommodates a wider range of applicant incomes.

Can I get a USDA Direct Loan in North Carolina?

USDA Loan RequirementsUSDA Direct Loans in North Carolina are low income loans that can be used to purchase homes in rural areas. To qualify for Direct Loans, applicants must have low or very low income, which is defined by the USDA as 50% to 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Like other rural housing loan programs, USDA Direct Loans are a mortgage with no down payment. The median income for the entire state of NC is $54,602, although that figure may vary from county to county. The maximum yearly income limits for North Carolina USDA Direct Loan approval are listed below. Other than meeting North Carolina USDA Direct Loan income limits, applicants must adhere to the following criteria to be eligible:

  • You have no decent clean, safe, and sanitary housing presently.
  • You can’t be able to get a mortgage from another source with terms and conditions that could reasonably expected to be met.
  • You must use this property for your primary residence.
  • You must possess the legal capacity to be able to contract a loan
  • You must meet citizenship or eligible noncitizen requirements.
  • You can’t be barred or suspended from participation in federal programs.

Additionally, the subject property must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a modestly sized home for that area.
  • Market value can’t be in excess of the areas applicable loan limit.
  • Can’t be designed for the production of income.

What areas in NC are eligible for USDA Direct Loans?

The property in question must be in an approved rural area. USDA Rural Development provides a webpage where you can search specific addresses in NC here.

How much can I borrow with a USDA Direct Home Loan?

The size of the mortgage that an applicant’s eligible for depends on their ability to repay. Rural Development takes into account income, assets, debt, and payment assistance when weighing eligibility for USDA Direct home loans. No matter what the repayment ability is, you can’t borrow more than the local loan limit for the county where the home is located.

Are there other mortgage options with low down payment or no down payment in North Carolina?

Yes, there may be other low down payment mortgage options, and no down payment mortgage options in North Carolina besides USDA Direct Loans. You can begin by researching North Carolina USDA Guaranteed Loans, North Carolina FHA Loans, and North Carolina VA Loans if you’re a veteran in NC or qualified family member. You may also want to look into helpful programs for down payment assistance in North Carolina.

North Carolina USDA Direct Loan Maximum Income Limits

1 Person
2 Person
3 Person
4 Person
5 Person
Alleghany County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Anson County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Ashe County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Asheville, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $53,100$53,100 $53,100$53,100 $70,100
Avery County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Beaufort County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Bertie County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Bladen County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Brunswick County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $53,050$53,050 $53,050$53,050 $70,050
Burlington, NC MSA $48,500$48,500 $48,500$48,500 $64,000
Camden County, NC $60,250$60,250 $60,250$60,250 $79,550
Carteret County, NC $55,050$55,050 $55,050$55,050 $72,650
Caswell County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC HUD Metro FMR Area $63,200$63,200 $63,200$63,200 $83,400
Cherokee County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Chowan County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Clay County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Cleveland County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Columbus County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Craven County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $51,700$51,700 $51,700$51,700 $68,250
Dare County, NC $56,150$56,150 $56,150$56,150 $74,100
Davidson County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $48,400$48,400 $48,400$48,400 $63,900
Duplin County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Durham-Chapel Hill, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $67,850$67,850 $67,850$67,850 $89,550
Fayetteville, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Gates County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $51,200$51,200 $51,200$51,200 $67,600
Goldsboro, NC MSA $46,800$46,800 $46,800$46,800 $61,800
Graham County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Granville County, NC $50,650$50,650 $50,650$50,650 $66,850
Greene County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Greensboro-High Point, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $49,050$49,050 $49,050$49,050 $64,750
Greenville, NC MSA $53,100$53,100 $53,100$53,100 $70,100
Halifax County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Harnett County, NC $51,350$51,350 $51,350$51,350 $67,800
Haywood County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $46,900$46,900 $46,900$46,900 $61,900
Hertford County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, NC MSA $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Hoke County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $44,700$44,700 $44,700$44,700 $59,000
Hyde County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Iredell County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $58,400$58,400 $58,400$58,400 $77,100
Jackson County, NC $44,900$44,900 $44,900$44,900 $59,250
Jacksonville, NC MSA $46,100$46,100 $46,100$46,100 $60,850
Jones County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Lee County, NC $48,700$48,700 $48,700$48,700 $64,300
Lenoir County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Lincoln County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $51,300$51,300 $51,300$51,300 $67,700
Macon County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Martin County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
McDowell County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Mitchell County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Montgomery County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Moore County, NC $58,300$58,300 $58,300$58,300 $76,950
Northampton County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Pamlico County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $47,450$47,450 $47,450$47,450 $62,650
Pasquotank County, NC $47,450$47,450 $47,450$47,450 $62,650
Pender County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $49,500$49,500 $49,500$49,500 $65,350
Perquimans County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Person County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $46,550$46,550 $46,550$46,550 $61,450
Polk County, NC $47,300$47,300 $47,300$47,300 $62,450
Raleigh, NC MSA $74,150$74,150 $74,150$74,150 $97,900
Richmond County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Robeson County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Rockingham County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Rocky Mount, NC MSA $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Rowan County, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $51,300$51,300 $51,300$51,300 $67,700
Rutherford County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Sampson County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Scotland County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Stanly County, NC $49,300$49,300 $49,300$49,300 $65,100
Surry County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Swain County, NC $44,800$44,800 $44,800$44,800 $59,150
Transylvania County, NC $45,350$45,350 $45,350$45,350 $59,850
Tyrrell County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Vance County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC HUD Metro FMR Are $63,450$63,450 $63,450$63,450 $83,750
Warren County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Washington County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300
Watauga County, NC $52,250$52,250 $52,250$52,250 $68,950
Wilkes County, NC $44,700$44,700 $44,700$44,700 $59,000
Wilmington, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $58,250$58,250 $58,250$58,250 $76,900
Wilson County, NC $45,350$45,350 $45,350$45,350 $59,850
Winston-Salem, NC HUD Metro FMR Area $50,000$50,000 $50,000$50,000 $66,000
Yancey County, NC $44,150$44,150 $44,150$44,150 $58,300

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